Introduction to Drone Soccer Safety

Introduction to Drone Soccer Safety

How does a drone soccer ball work? 

Your drone soccer ball is something called an “unmanned aircraft.” This means the pilot is outside the aircraft and the controls used to make flight happen are all in a handheld box called a transmitter unit. As a pilot makes input through the flight sticks or switches, the transmitter unit turns the inputs into a radio signal.

The radio signal from the transmitter is sent to the aircraft’s receiver. The receiver decodes the signal and sends the commands that control the flight of the aircraft, such as turning the motors that spin the rotors. We call this remote control flight, or RC for short. 

Now that you understand a little bit more about how your drone soccer ball operates, it is important to know how to fly it safely. Nobody wants an unsafe situation or an accident, so flying safely will help everyone have more fun. 

A drone soccer ball sits next to a drone soccer transmitter.